Parenting with Planets (70 mins)

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Astrology for parents who want to explore how the planetary archetypes affect their relationship to caring.  We will employ the techniques of astrology to harness your true potential as a guardian. In this reading, we will learn:

  • How planetary archetypes show up (ex. What Mercury says about how you communicate with your child, or how Ceres and Jupiter can inform how you see your role as a parent)
  • Any creative focuses that may be important to your child: what daily activities contribute to their success? Do they see the world more subjectively or objectively?
  • Your parenting planets: What planets inform you the most about your relationship with your child
  • How to empower your family dynamics to get the most benefit for all involved

Some clients may wish to view their children’s chart alongside their own.  For the most effective reading, we require children be at least 7 years of age. To read the charts of children age 12 and over we require their consent.  Please e-mail us with any questions.


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