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My vision is to assist clients in accessing the hidden depths of their natal charts through multiple astrological and esoteric lenses. I use astrocartography as a powerful tool in intentional travel, finding presence, and determining locations that best suit personal goals and passions. In addition to offering my services, I am setting off on my own international exploration down the planetary lines of my astrocartography chart. I’ll be collecting data and documenting my experiences to demonstrate the power and potential of astrocartography in a new project hosted by Kosmic Tonic: No Plans Just Planets. 

Before diving into astrology I attended the University of Houston where I studied fashion design, graphic arts, photography, and film finishing my degree in broadcast journalism. In 2017 I obtained a professional astrologer certification. My expertise is informed by years of training and certifications including; Horary Astrology and Planetary Magic with Nina Gryphon, the Locational Astrology Master Class, by Moses Siregar III, and Polarity Integration training at the Psylogia Institute. In addition, I have extensive experiential knowledge in Tarot, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Hermetic Qabalah, allowing for a truly authentic and alchemical exchange between my clients and I.

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