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    In 2010, I saw my natal chart for the first time: A detailed report tracing my life experiences to the planetary archetypes.  The accuracy of it ignited my interest in developing my own daily astrological practice.  Imbued with a natural love for investigation and an eye for detail, I embarked on assimilating the vast astrological landscape for myself and those around me.

    My passion for astrology led me to complete the Exploring Astrology Apprenticeship Program in 2017.  By 2018, I accepted the dual responsibility of managing the program and teaching as an assistant to the program director. Eventually I would translate this study into my astrology-centered enterprise: Kosmic Tonic.

    My mission is to serve the greater good of humanity, with an emphasis on the empowerment of aligning with one’s higher self through astrology. I encourage personal growth from an inner strength and use a balance of counseling techniques and astrological knowledge to guide my clients.

    Astrological awareness helps us access our full potential.  We aim to provide the proper tools to turn this awareness into practical daily action.  

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