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The Purpose of A Reading

Your natal chart is an imprint of the sky at the instant of your birth. It indicates potential gifts and challenges. Quirks. Predilections. Many astrologers liken your chart to a map. In the same way that clicking up a cobblestone alley on Google Street View cannot replace a trip to Barcelona, we’re careful not to mistake the map for the territory—that is, your life. That’s why we tailor every reading to the needs and hopes of each client. We want to meet all of you, even aspects of yourself you judge or feel shame around. Together, we will develop a language unique to you, to articulate your longings or blockages or fears. We will shine a metaphorical flashlight onto the paths that offer the most peace and fulfillment right now.

Come Learn with Us

Budding Astrologers Program

In September 2019, we will be offering an introductory course for new learners to astrology. Our vision is to foreground counseling skills and ethics alongside astrological techniques and theories. Whether you’re hoping to practice astrology professionally, or simply understand the map of your own chart, we will guide you through weekly seminars and 1:1 tutorials with faculty. By the end of the course, you will have the tools to not only read and interpret your own chart, but also to provide this offering to friends, family and clients in a safe and supportive environment. 

Budding Astrologers Program

Our foundation course in astrology: equal parts chart interpretation and counselling techniques.

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Need to inquire about which reading is right for you?  Or our Budding Astrologers Program?