Our Vision

Who we are at Kosmic Tonic

We use astrology and counseling skills to empower our clients to rebalance, connect with their unique life path and unlock their creative potential. All of our consultations adhere to standards inspired from the APA and ISAR ethical guidelines, with an emphasis on creating a safe space and honouring our clients’ individual processes. We are a global collaboration that is committed to contributing back to the field through research and “astro-travel” reporting, which uses locational astrology techniques to innovate creative and informational content from around the world. 

Achieve Better Self-Clarity

What happens in a reading?

Your natal chart is an imprint of the sky at the instant of your birth. It indicates potential gifts and challenges. Quirks. Predilections. Many astrologers liken your chart to a map. In the same way that clicking up a cobblestone alley on Google Street View cannot replace a trip to Barcelona, we’re careful not to mistake the map for the territory—that is, your life. That’s why we tailor every reading to the needs and hopes of each client, through a two-way dialogue that reveals how the planets are activated for you.

We want to meet all of you, even aspects of yourself you judge or feel shame around. Together, we will develop a language unique to you, to articulate your longings or blockages or fears. We will shine a metaphorical flashlight onto the paths that offer the most peace and fulfillment right now.

Your consultation can take place from anywhere in the world (with the Mercury blessing of a strong internet connection.) We use the platform Zoom as a meeting space, which offers a shared-screen function so we can navigate your birth chart together. We will also record the reading, so you can feel at ease to listen and share rather than scribble down notes. Should you live in Montreal or Houston and prefer an in-person consultation: let us know.

Counseling the Goddesses

Our course about the goddesses: equal parts chart interpretation and counseling techniques.

Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation

Need to inquire about which reading is right for you?