I am so grateful to Jasmine for such an insightful reading, not only did she provide detailed information regarding my birth chart she also gave me incredible insight on how to navigate the next few years of my life. She validated many of my intuitive thoughts and gut feelings; now I am confident that have a clear path forward. I was also very appreciative that she was able to explain my chart and the cosmos in a way that I could understand. Even though I’ve had my chart prepared before it has never been explained to me in such comprehensive detail. I’m looking forward to another reading!  

Wendy Christensen

I came to Jasmine for a reading to make sense of major events happening in my life at the time. I cannot stress the quality and value of the information she shared with me. Her interpretation of my chart was expert, her attention to detail and the advice she gave supported by the chart is something I will continually seek from her. In addition to this, her calming presence, voice, and demeanor creates an ideal environment for receiving this type of information. Ready for another reading! 

Lindsay Ann

Jasmine’s clarity and grounded information was insightful and extremely supportive of my path. The validations were powerful! I didn’t have to say too much about what was going on because it was all there in my charts. I was enlightened on traits within myself. It is always fascinating to learn clues about who you are. She helped me understand some of the life lessons I have to experience and how I can use those experiences to create an amazing future for myself and my family. Her ability to explain the planetary placements and what they mean was amazing! I came away from the reading feeling a deeper connection with myself, letting go of layers of self doubt and a greater confidence in my mothering. Cannot wait to use her services again. Highly recommend! 

Marisa Brodie

Eliza and Jasmine are both incredible humans with the extraordinary ability to make any person feel comfortable and at ease wherever they go.
Their knowledge and expertise is astounding and I really appreciate all the work and research they did in preparation for our meeting. 
My reading was 100% tailored to my needs and I walked away feeling empowered and excited about my journey.
Thank you so much Kosmic Tonic ! I cannot recommend them highly enough ! ❤
Liana van Rensburg

Jasmine’s Lilith reading helped me understand more about how the archetype plays out in my professional and personal relationships. Not only was I given a great education on how Lilith can show up, but I was also met with understanding and compassion. 


I enjoyed my reading with Jasmine so much. This was my first-ever reading, and I felt supported in my learning, but not overwhelmed. She was perfectly attentive to me, giving me the insight I was looking for in my chart, and asking great questions along the way to make sure I was connecting and getting what I needed.

Denise Whitney

Since consulting Kosmic Tonic on a regular basis, I have been able to calmly schedule major life events, while getting a better sense of what may be happening to our Universe during certain phases of the planets as they relate to our planet.  Kosmic Tonic has provided me with real eye-opening advice and information.  I check in often with Kosmic Tonic.

Andre Sam-Sin

Kosmic Tonic is the dream team of astrology. I would recommend their readings to anyone who is ready to take their personal understanding of their natal chart to the next level. Each woman in this collaborative has weaved her personality into their work, and I would highly recommend their style of astrology for anyone ready for a deep, personalized experience. You are bound to be inspired and encouraged!
Amy Pico

Jasmine, Kestrel and Eliza are three of the most dynamic, genuine and determined women you will ever have the privilege of working with. Each of them bring unique skills and acumen to the table when it comes to astrology, mythology, archetype & counseling and together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Anya Kaats

Eliza, Jasmine & Kestrel are nurturing & knowledgeable astrologers & teachers. They each have a wonderful ability to hold space for others to learn & grow from & with them. I highly recommend them for readings and classes. 

Ursula Duffy

I asked Eliza for a long-distance reading during a super tough time in my life – what a good decision! Eliza’s reading of my cards was incredibly generous, thoughtful, and helpful. I laughed, I cried, and most importantly I felt like I had good, solid, practical advice on how to move forward during an intense period of self-examination and growth. I pray for the day she takes over the world so that she can guide world leaders.

Julianne Pachico

Eliza, thank you so much for your generosity! For sharing, explaining and listening. This was such a journey into getting to know myself and letting myself be. 


I feel as if I have a deeper understanding of the cosmic patterns at work in my life, including some front-end-loaded Virgo energy. It was deeply helpful to have reflected back the tension in controlling and letting go. And I think the questions Eliza asked, or rather encouraged me to think about, were uber insightful. I also want to say the way Eliza approached this reading, with a particularly feminine focus, was also resonant. The idea that Persephone and Demeter (and Ceres)…and VIRGO…are alive and well in my chart is affirming. Thank you so much! I am going to recommend Eliza to my circle of curious creatives. I learned more in that 70 minute call than I had all the readings leading up to it.

Kerrie Penney