The Kosmic Tonic + Polarity Integration by Kestrel (2 sessions)

$349.00  /  0.0052 Ƀ



After we do a deep dive into The Kosmic Tonic reading and identify complexes or polarities that could
benefit from more integration, we will schedule a follow-up to do a guided meditation that will help you
merge or integrate two polarities (or helping a trine or hard aspect serve us better). Integration work and
releasing emotional charge can help us reclaim some autonomy or agency – reminding us of our natural
state or wholeness and working with the fullness of our chart rather than only functioning in one sign,
luminary/planet/asteroid, or house. Neutralizing hyper-aroused, numb, or compulsory identities/parts and
instead returning to the Self. After a Polarity Integration session, clients often return to a baseline state of
awe, flexibility, and connection by releasing, completing, and concluding with unresolved experiences,
events, stresses, or traumas. We do not have to slog around endlessly in the trenches. We can reunite with
our zest, truth, and confidence in the world around us, finding more meaning and satisfaction in our day-to-
day while more tangibly moving toward our goals, hopes, and dreams.