Astro Date Planning (personalized report) by Eliza

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With all that astrology tells us, how do we reconcile the gap between fate and freewill? Electional astrology is one approach. Through a careful analysis of upcoming transits (that is, planetary movements), we can begin ventures on specific dates (indeed, minutes) to maximize auspicious alignments. This offering is ideal if you have big plans to carry out over a coming period — for instance, sending out book manuscripts, applying for a new job, booking travel, getting married, starting a business (among other examples. I literally use this method to time high-stakes emails.) Some years are lusher than others as far as ideal elections, but by choosing the right moment to begin projects, we can minimize harm and set you on the best possible path. This option features a personalized report of best dates, which includes a succinct explanation of planetary highlights. If you’d like a live consultation as well, check out the next offering, "Astro Date Planning (Report + Consultation)," which includes a 60 minute session.