We’ve been friends since November, astrology partners since March, yet we never bothered to glance at our composite. That is, until we had to elect a date for our website launch. If you’re thinking, “what about compost?”, let me explain. The composite chart is a synastry technique that hints how two people interact with each other. It’s drawn by calculating the midpoints between two natal charts. I’m an individual. Jasmine’s an individual. And we project this third entity between us, our relationship, with its own chart. The first signature you may note is Holy Scorpio, Batman. The composite sun functions as the battery pack of the relationship. In Scorpio, you might say we’re not afraid of the dark, and we like swimming. Deep. We also have Neptune conjunct the south node on the galactic centre. We’ll explore nodes another time—as well as the galactic centre—but for now you can think of the south node as the well we draw from: our natural resources and what feels easy to us. The south node also suggests release: the tail of the dragon, which Vedic astrologers know as Ketu. Neptune is Ocean. The sea fabric of dreams. Inspiration. Spirit. Libation. Confusion. Consciousness. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces holds the blurry waters between the end and the start. The grief, love and lessons of all that preceded it, before loosening once more into spring. We began our instagram account on the Pisces new moon of March 17, 2018. And we’re launching our website in the waning light of the full moon last week. In our separate charts, Jasmine and I have opposite nodes along the Pisces-Virgo axis. So we spend time bathing in his waters as individuals as well. What does this mean for our work together? Inspiration, we hope. Dreaming. Empathy. Magic. Two fish swimming together from opposite ends of the pool. Come for a dip?