Counseling the Goddesses

Which Goddesses have claimed you? Which feminine archetypes are activated in your life right now? This course will teach you how to locate the Goddess energy in your natal chart, from Venus to the major asteroids, Black Moon Lilith, and more. We will provide techniques to interpret their astrological placement by sign, house and configuration and discover how to integrate their power into your life’s work. Together, we will explore the inheritance of each Goddess — her stories, strengths and shadows — to unlock pathways for psychological growth. We will witness the divine feminine in Her many permutations, including the mythologies you have inherited yourself. Everyone welcome! 


Astrology Tutoring

What do you mean by “asteroid goddesses”? If Pluto has been demoted as a planet, who the heck is Chiron? Isn’t Scorpio the same as the 8th House? If an astrological theory has you Googling, come learn with us one-to-one. We will tailor sessions to your current interests or confusions to help unpack that technique you heard on a podcast, or some aspect of your own chart that has always puzzled you. (70 mins)


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