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We met at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in November 2017, with the sun at 13 degrees of Scorpio. It would be many months later that we checked our composite chart and realized that was the exact degree of our shared sun. The Sabian symbol for 13-14 degrees Scorpio is: “a telephone lineman at work installing new connections.” One of the less poetic images, maybe, but the vision is clear: we want to foster greater connection. To align our practices of  astrology, counseling and art to empower our clients. To find healing as a collective.

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Jasmine Richardson

In 2010, I saw my natal chart for the first time when an astrologer handed me a detailed report tracing my life experiences to the planetary archetypes.  The accuracy of it sparked my interest to develop my own daily astrological practice.  With an eye for detail and research from the skill set I acquired through my degree in Journalism (University of Houston), I embarked on assimilating the vast astrological landscape.

My passion for astrology led me to complete the Exploring Astrology Apprenticeship Program in 2017.  By 2018, I accepted the dual responsibility of managing the program and teaching as an assistant to the program director.  This new accreditation and experience prompted the start of an astrology-centered enterprise: Kosmic Tonic.

My mission is to serve the greater good of humanity, with an emphasis on the empowerment of aligning with one’s higher self through astrology.  I believe in personal growth from an inner strength and use a balance of counseling techniques along with astrological knowledge to guide my clients.

Astrological awareness helps us access our full potential.  We aim to provide the proper tools to turn this awareness into practical daily action.  Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the psyche.

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Eliza Robertson 

My courtship with astrology began at age fourteen, binge-reading Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. Since then, I’ve gone on to study at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, as well as with the Exploring Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

It is said that an astrologer never stops learning, and that’s certainly the case for my stellium in the 9th house. Most recently, I am studying Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan, as well as conducting my own research on the intersections between astrology, tarot and ancestral healing.

In my other life, I’m one of those Sagittarians who spent eternity in university. I have a PhD from the University of East Anglia, and I’m the author of two books of fiction, published by Penguin Canada and Bloomsbury.

Astrology has offered me a language to heal with, a map to grow with, archetypes to laugh with, and so much more. Whether you’re working through trauma, grief, loss of direction, or “simply” a creative block (as a writer, I know it’s not simple at all), your birth chart provides a wayfinder.

How can I help?

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Counseling the Goddesses

Our course about the goddesses: equal parts chart interpretation and counseling techniques.

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