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    I am a psychotherapist, astrologer, and nurturing guide on the path to remembering our wholeness. I have been a licensed professional counselor, offering services for 14 years (Boulder, CO) and I love facilitating clients, of all ages, through an alchemical and empowering process of change, that often results in meaningful integration while also attuning to and considering the complex constellation of past experiences, dreams, family of origin, history of trauma, etc.
    I graduated from Naropa University in 1999 and Prescott College in 2006 with a master’s in Counseling Psychology. My foundation is in evidenced-based practices and multidisciplinary settings, including community mental health and primary care, however after a client introduced me to the potential magic of astrology in 2015, I completed an Exploring Astrology Apprenticeship in 2018.
    As a result of incorporating astrology, myth and other eclectic modalities, my practice has been infused with joy and has provided an additional lens of support in the process of transformation, beyond more conventional and standardized styles of treatment. I believe that each of us have come here to fulfill a unique journey of evolution, and my goal is to help clients remember what their spirit has come here to do.
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